Historic Hutong Regeneration – Beijing

Historic Hutong Courtyard Regeneration, Beijing, China. Joint Peking University/Lund University workshop in historic Beijing with its  1-story courtyard inner city fabric. This study/proposal attempts to rekindle the courtyard life to honor the historic value in Chinese culture. Deep research was undertaken to understand the historic form/patterns of hutong neighborhoods along with the coordinating cultural history. Currently many Hutong courtyard neighborhoods are removed to make way for typical ‘western/modern’ buildings without any connection to the intrinsic strengths of courtyard life. In China public life occurred on streets, whereas courtyard life provided a diverse spatial arrangements for groups of people, usually family related. This proposal puts forth 2 courtyard schemes which are easily replicated-a rectangular and curved approach which takes it cues both from Chinese script and architecturally in other Chinese provinces. The social goal of the schemes is to allow a mixing of social classes and also to allow commercial and community activities in each block. Individual units all have outdoor access to large balconies to allow leisure and container based urban agriculture of high value/small scale plantings. One of the core attributes of historic courtyard life was physical access to earth/plants and to sky/air which this new approach attempts to bring.

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