Beach House Duplex, Wells, Maine

2 Unit Beach House, Wells Beach, ME

The original house which was located here had been in the family for several decades, used as a summer house and then altered to have another rental unit below. A family member then took on the task of renovating this house, originally the design process included saving the existing building due to location issues, however it was then allowed to be built completely new which then put it under new guidelines to raise it out of any potential high water zones. The new house borrowed the compact gambrel roof lines from the original Beach bungalow. However this historic family home took advantage of all views and solar exposure. The new layout features a one story, 3 bedroom unit on the garden level with a 2 story, 3 bedroom unit above it so all the relatives can stay together. The goal was to provide a flexible and energy efficient design with ample light and cross ventilation for all bedrooms.

Contractor: The Maine HouseWright Company, York, ME,

Photos by: Beckstrom Architecture

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