Lund Science City – Max IV & ESS

Lund Science City/Max IV & ESS, Sweden. Lund, Sweden is undergoing great changes. Lund  with its +/-90,000 inhabitants, is an historic city of learning and institutions: 1000 yr old Lund Cathedral and Lund University which  started in 1666. This legacy continues with Lund’s Ideon Science Park which started in the 1980’s in response to a deep recession in the South of Sweden. Ideon began with the courage and foresight of the leader of Lund University, a Lund City Manager/Administrator and the financial courage of Ingvar Kamprad, owner of IKEA. There was no telling then that its potential success would then lure the EU to develop a new Science venture, ESS, which is to start construction in 2013. The Swedish government is stepping forward first with the current construction of MAX IV science laboratory. Both of these developments sit on the NorthEast edge of Lund sitting next to Ideon and Lund University. Their large impact will encourage the expansion of the city which may increase from 15,000-35,000 in this NorthEast area called Brunshog. The masterplan proposal attempts to hold this expansion in a dense arrangement of roads and blocks which take their cue from the highly effective and comfortable historic medieval core of Lund.

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