Camden, ME Historic Renovation

This prominent 10,000 sf, historic house dates from the turn of the nineteenth century. The house had gone through several owners, with the most recent owners using it for summers only. The new owners wished to upgrade it for full season use which required a complete renovation with the proviso that many historic qualities remain, including the original pantry. The attic level had been slightly upgraded before, however the new owners seized upon the romantic notion of living directly under the shapely roof punctuated with new dormers, to let the summer rains be heard on the metal roof. The previous master suite on the middle level was then given over to a guest suite and children bedrooms. A low level garage was added on one end of the house for convenience whereas an entirely new Carriage Barn was built with 2 levels of garages. A recreation room and an office suite crown the top of the Barn. Likewise and 11th hour roof walk by the son and architect led to the addition of a cupola room on the main house which affords a splendid view of the harbor and grounds. Extensive cabinetry was built by the contractor and local artisans.

Contractor: Taylor Made Builders, ME

Photos by: Beckstrom Architecture


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